Trends Asian Hedge Funds

Trends Asian Hedge Funds

Emerging Trends in Asian Hedge Funds

Tanuj Khosla of 3 Degrees Asset Management has contributed an interesting article to Business Insider. Khosla outlines the current emerging trends for Asian hedge funds. He gives a nice overview of Asian hedge funds and points out the major changes in Asian hedge funds.
If somebody ever wrote a book titled ‘History of hedge funds in Asia’ in 2030, I can bet every dollar in my pocket that he (or she) shall refer to 2010 & 2011 as the defining years in the evolution of the industry in this part of the world.

Or let us say that hypothetically there was a hedge fund manager with over a decade of experience in fund management who closed down his hedge fund in Asia in 2009 and shifted to Antarctica. If he returns today to start another hedge fund in Asia, he would be faced with totally altered dynamics and shall be as lost as a new trader starting out. The irreversible trends that have emerged in Asian hedge funds over the last few months are expected to completely change the industry landscape in the years to come.

According to some estimates, there are around 1300 Asia-focused hedge funds in the world today with around US$ 125 billion assets under management (AUM). That makes the average size of an Asia-focused hedge fund close to US$ 96 million which is less than half the size of an average hedge fund in the U.S. Read more

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