European Pension Funds

European Pension Funds

European Pension Funds Reduce Allocations to Hedge Funds

European pension funds are pulling back money from the hedge fund industry. Even though hedge funds around the globe are raking in the cash, European pension funds are scaling back from allocations to 1.3% from 3.1% the year before. The findings come from a Mercer Investment Consulting survey that found the decline among European pension funds.
European pension funds apparently aren't as psyched up about investing in hedge funds as their American counterparts. A survey conducted by Mercer Investment Consulting points out the number of plans looking to beef up strategic allocations to hedge funds in 2011 has fallen to 1.3 percent from 3.1 percent a year ago.

This is in stark contrast to results of a survey released last month by publishing and research group Infovest21, which found that large U.S. hedge funds are increasing their direct allocations to hedge funds. According to Mercer, the total number of European pension funds looking to increase their investments in funds of hedge funds has fallen to 4.8 percent from 6.5 percent a year ago.

The study, based on data culled from more than 1,100 pension plans with more than $815 billion in assets, found that as inflation concerns mount, European investors have increasingly mixed feelings about the illiquid nature of hedge fund investments, even as their demand for alternative assets climbs. Source

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