Och-Ziff Hedge Funds

Och-Ziff Hedge Funds

Och-Ziff Funds Attract Capital, Make Small Gains

Investors are giving one hedge fund management firm a big vote of confidence, despite meager gains produced by the firm's big hedge funds. Och-Ziff's bigger hedge funds have been raking in the cash from investors but the hedge funds have only produced relatively small gains.
Billionaire Daniel Och’s most important hedge funds continue to eke out relatively small gains in 2011, but that has not stopped investors from flocking to one of the world’s biggest hedge fund managers.
Och-Ziff Capital Management has experienced inflows of $400 million in 2011 and the firm is now managing $29.4 billion of assets, according to its first-quarter earnings filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. But Och’s main hedge funds trailed the total return of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, which had a total return of 9.06% in the first four months of 2011.
The Oz Master Fund posted a 0.69% return in April and a year-to-date return of 4.08%, according to the SEC filing Och-Ziff Capital Management made on Tuesday.
The Oz Europe Master Fund returned 0.39% in April and 3.98% so far in 2011; the Oz Asia Master Fund returned 0.89% in April and 2.36% year-to-date; and the Oz Global Special Investments Master Fund returned 0.87% and 5.53% so far in 2011.  Source

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