Brazilian Hedge Funds April

Brazilian Hedge Funds April 

Brazilian Hedge Funds Add $1.9 Billion in April 2010

Brazilian hedge funds are finally recovering assets after a rough first quarter of 2010.  In the first month of the second quarter Brazil's hedge funds received about $1.9 billion from investors, mostly erasing the withdrawals of the previous quarter.  I have spent several months working in Brazil, here is another article on Hedge Fund Trends in Brazil and Sao Paulo and here is a Guide to Brazil Hedge Funds.
After a disappointing first quarter, Brazilian hedge funds have gotten off on the right foot in the second quarter.
Investors poured 3.4 billion reais (US$1.9 billion) into hedge funds, according to Anbima, Brazil’s national capital markets association. That more or less wipes out the first quarter outflow the industry suffered of about 3.5 billion reais (US$1.9 billion).
The official figure for redemptions in the first three months of the year was 5.7 billion reais (US$3.1 billion), but that includes two categories of funds that have since been reclassified.
The first-quarter redemptions ended a solid year of positive flows for Brazilian hedge funds, and coincided with an average 6.8% loss in January. But the industry has bounced back since then, retirned 8.8% from February through April.

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Here is a Guide to Brazil Hedge Funds.

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