Hedge Fund Trends in Brazil and Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Trends in Brazil and Sao Paulo

Hedge Fund Trends in Brazil and Sao PauloI recently completed a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and met with several hedge funds while in town. I was fascinated by the size and breadth of the hedge fund industry in Brazil. Here are some quick facts and insight I gained during my meetings here:
  1. Brazilian hedge funds are here to stay. They are competitive and take a long-term view to building their funds
  2. Over 300 hedge funds are based in Sao Paulo - the largest of which manges around $5B in assets.
  3. Many hedge funds in Sao Paulo are connected to investment banks or family offices, they have enough money to operate profitably even if their assets are low compared to US standards. This makes them more resiliant during poor economic conditions
  4. Brazilian hedge fund managers are looking for marketing assistance. If you are a third party marketer or if you speak both portuguese and english there may be opportunities to work with some of the better managers in the region.
  5. There are dozens of highly skilled managed futures and CTA funds based in Sao Paulo. Many of them started out trading money for family and friends and now have fully formed funds.
If you would like to learn more about Brazilian hedge fund mangaers please see our Hedge Fund Guide to Brazil.

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