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State by State Hedge Fund Regulations

State by State Hedge Fund Regulations

I agree with a few of the statements below. The more universal and pinpointed the new regulations are on hedge funds the better for everyone involved. This needs to be a top down effort from the federal government and not a state by state effort which would result in more costs and less business done. Here is the article excerpt:
As state lawmakers debate legislation that would place tighter oversight on hedge funds, most agree that regulation over the industry should come from the federal government.

“Just as a matter of principle I think state regulation of financial institutions is not a good idea,” said U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, (D-Greenwich) a member of the financial services committee on Capitol Hill and a former Goldman Sachs employee. “We need greater uniformity and simplicity in regulating the system and I think it should come from the federal government.” source

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