Family Office Wealth Advisory Services Growing

Family Office Wealth Advisory Services

Family Office Wealth Advisory Services GrowingFamily office wealth services are growing in popularity. This is mainly due to HNW individuals realizing that their lawyer, estate planner, stock broker and CPA may want to speak directly to each other more than once every two years and partially due to an increase in the number of wealth managers positioning themselves as family offices, whether or not they have traditionally offered this level of service or not.

Here is a short article on the growing popularity of family offices:
The current niche service offering of a family office for high net worth clients will become a stronger proposition for financial advisers to consider in the future, according to Shadforth Guest McLeod private client adviser Chris Taylor.

"The family office is really an investment for the future of your business, of your advisers' business and it's the easiest way to get clients," Taylor said.

The one-stop shop service of a family office would become more of a mainstream service offered by advisers in the future as a result of Australia's ageing population, he said. source
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