Christmas Present: Over $2,500 of Hedge Fund Video Content (FREE)

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Christmas Present: If you have liked a few of our videos on hedge funds in the past you may now access most of our non-exclusive videos by visiting this link:  Here we have over 35 educational hedge fund videos for you, more free video content on the topic than anywhere else.  This is the only time we will ever be giving away this link to all of the videos on Youtube.

You can also find most of our videos within our own video library here:

* Gift #2:  Reward for Loyal Readers:  80% of those who read my blog or this post won't read this far down into the article...on top of that how many people read a hedge fund blog on Christmas?...during vacation?  but I want to reward those of you who have subscribed to my email newsletter here at and thank everyone who does read what I write. I know I am not great at writing, I am not even super consistent but I try to provide a lot of value - and your feedback to me and participation is what adds a lot of value back to me.

To reward those who do read what I write if you order anything our company sells between 12/25/09 and 1/1/10 we will give you 40% Off on your order as a Christmas Present.  Simply email me at  The products this applies to includes:

  • (Save up to $1,500)
  • (4 Pre-Orders Available - Save over $400)
  • Hedge Fund Employee Training:  CHP Designation (Pre-Registration Open to 8 Professionals & Team Training Discounts Now Also Available for groups of 3 or more - Save over $400)
  • (Save over $130/year)
  • Advertising on,,,,, and (Save over $130/year)
*Available for all new client purchases only between the period of 12/25/09 and 1/1/10. Just mention the Xmas Discount during your purchase to receive the 40% discount or instant 40% refund off your transaction.

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