HedgeCast Tool

HedgeCast Tool

Sample of Hedge Fund Premium's HedgeCast

It can be exhausting following the news every day to keep up with the fast-paced hedge fund industry, especially if you work 50+ hours a week like many hedge fund professionals. Our solution to this problem is the HedgeCast.

The HedgeCast is one of our fourteen exclusive tools available to Hedge Fund Premium members. Members can watch a weekly video wrap-up of the news and learn everything they need to know for the week's hedge fund news. Our HedgeCast summarizes the news in a concise video that saves busy professionals the time and effort spent tracking hundreds of stories. Here is an example of our HedgeCast video available exclusively through Hedge Fund Premium (e-mail subscribers can watch the video here):

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Want to learn more about Hedge Fund Premium? Simply visit our site and read all of the benefits that members receive including discounts on hedge fund products, exclusive access to hedge fund networking events, guides to a hedge fund career, fund marketing advice and much more.

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