Long Only Hedge Funds

Long Only Hedge Funds

Long Only Hedge Fund Strategies Leads Returns

In yesterday's article, we saw the impressive returns hedge funds have generated in recent months. Average hedge fund returns are up by 12.17% for this year through July 31 and this recovery has been largely led by long only hedge fund strategies. According to Reuters, long only hedge funds posted a 4.75% return in July adding to the 14.34% gains year-to-date.

The information released ahead of Lipper's monthly Hedge Fund Insight Report, which is due at the end of August, showed that all hedge fund strategies posted a positive performance last month, with long/short equity and multi strategies both giving returns of 0.81 percent.

Short bias strategies made a 0.40 percent return, boosted by profitable short sale strategies in the first half of the month, Lipper data showed.

Global stock markets gained 8.5 percent in July, according to the MSCI World TR Index. They continued their rally from March lows, fuelled by hopes that the worst of the financial crisis has passed.

However, stock markets remained very sensitive to macroeconomic factors, said Gentilini.

"The market is already looking for the next macro catalyst to drive market direction; there are a still a number of risks of market correction," he said.

Among the other hedge fund strategies, options arbitrage performed strongly in July, with returns of 0.88 percent. Event-driven was the worst-performer, posting a 0.19 percent return. Source

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