Wisconsin Investment Board and Hedge Funds

Wisconsin Investment Board Hedge Funds

Wisconsin Investment Board to Invest in 25 Hedge Funds

Hedge funds rely on institutional investors, especially pension funds, to provide capital for new funds.  Institutional investors are usually hesitant about investing in alternative asset funds at first, which is why the State of Wisconsin's Investment Board's decision to hire up to 25 hedge funds is so surprising.  This would be the first time the Wisconsin pension fund would invest in hedge funds.
The State of Wisconsin Investment Board is preparing its first foray into hedge funds, but it isn’t going to merely dip its toe in the water.
The public pension system plans to hire as many as 25 hedge fund managers to run up to $3.1 billion over the next year-and-a-half, Pensions & Investments reports. The first 15 hedge funds could be hired next year to fill an initial 2% allocation, with 10 more hired in the first half of 2010 as the pension increases its hedge fund allocation to 4% to 5%.
Wisconsin employs Cliffwater as its hedge fund consultant. The board will consider the hedge fund investments on Jan. 26.  Source

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