Hong Kong Hedge Funds Growing in Numbers

Hong Kong Hedge Funds

There is always a debate over whether New York or London is the hedge fund center of the world, naturally since I live here in the United States most people here believe New York is the center. The conversations in the last few months have been shifting a bit to discussing where new hubs of hedge fund activity is growing including Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil and Australia. I believe these areas have much more potential for business and asset growth than most western European and American industry professionals recognize.

Below please find a short article excerpt that has been added to our Guide to Hedge Funds in Hong Kong, as part of our large Geographical Hedge Fund Guide.

Hong Kong held on to its status as Asia's hedge fund center last year, with the city attracting the highest number of hedge fund start-ups raising the most capital in the region, the Alternative Investment Management Association's Hong Kong branch said Tuesday. There were 30 hedge fund start-ups in Hong Kong raising US$1.56 billion in 2008.. source

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