Chrysler Bankruptcy Agreement

Chrysler Bankruptcy Agreement

In hopefully the lasts of posts on this topic here is another interesting article on the Chrysler bankruptcy case. In case you missed the past posts we have been following this here, here, here, and here on

You can call the plan to merge Chrysler and Fiat good for the economy. You can think it creative.

You can say it’s the start of “a vibrant new company,” as Chrysler LLC Chairman Robert Nardelli did last week.

But there’s one word that you can’t call the Chrysler bankruptcy package: legal.

The plan would overturn basic rules of bankruptcy by setting up a sort-of sale to sidestep pesky legal requirements. It would bulldoze well-established rights of secured creditors, property rights the U.S. Constitution guarantees.

So if U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez follows the law, the Chrysler rescue plan dies. If he blinks and approves it, secured creditors everywhere should feel a shiver of unease, and quick sales of insolvent companies to avoid court scrutiny would multiply.

The other option is a settlement, and that might well be where this is headed.

I hate to say it, but the dissident Chrysler lenders are right, the ones President Barack Obama described as greedy hedge funds selfishly blocking Chrysler’s survival.

The president’s fist-waving looks a lot like the posturing lawyers use to scare an adversary into surrender, never mind the law. In fact, several are giving up the cause. source

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