Obama vs. Hedge Funds | Blame Game

Obama vs. Hedge Funds

Obama vs. Hedge Funds | Blame GameBelow is a follow up article excerpt on the video from the last week where Obama points to hedge funds as a sore point within the Chrysler negotiations.
I thought this Washington Post article on the Chrysler creditors who wouldn't take the administration's deal -- and thus tipped the whole jumbled apparatus into bankruptcy court -- was pretty strange. The negotiations were complicated, in part because it's hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison between what the UAW will get, what Fiat will get, what Canada will get, and what the hedge funds were offered. But instead of trying to sort out the details -- I recommend the Treasury's fact sheet as a decent place to start doing that -- the Post mostly speculates about how smart it was for Obama to start attacking the hedge funds: source

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