Government Bailout of Investment Banks Not Hedge Funds

Government Bailout of Banks

Here is a video on the future of hedge funds. This video discussion with Suzanne Murphy and Mark Daniel confirms that while hedge funds had a tough year last year they are doing well this year. She also confirms what I commonly stress here that perhaps hedge funds making money in every market condition is a misconception, hedge funds have still preserved capital better than the broad markets have over the past few years. The video discusses how asset flows in the industry are stabilizing and many groups are beginning to allocate new capital to hedge funds.

This video also discusses how new hedge fund regulations will be coming into place, the question is can the hedge fund regulators effectively regulate.

The greatest quote of this video: "hedge funds were not the cause of this financial crisis. The hedge funds are not being bailed out here, investment banks and car companies are." If you are viewing this article through our daily email newsletter please click here to watch the embedded video now.

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