Hedge Funds Caused the Depression

Hedge Funds Caused the Depression

Here is a short video on the current state of the hedge fund industry. This wealth management professional blames hedge funds for the volatility seen in the markets these past few months. He also believes that since hedge funds lost most of their assets the market is starting to recover. I believe this assessment is 95% false and mistakes correlation for causation... but it is interesting to hear the views of others. If you are viewing this article via our daily hedge fund newsletter please click here to watch the embedded video below.

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Aaron Wormus said...

Is this guy for real? Doesn't make any sense to blame EVERYTHING on the hedge funds, when you have big banks and auto companies laying dead on the side of the road.

I guess I need to watch more of his clips.

Anonymous said...

This guy manages wealth for a living? wow........glad he's not running my money, what an idiot

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