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Hedge Fund Book

Hedge Fund Book Ideas | Crowd Sourcing

I've been speaking with one of the well known publishing houses about releasing a book on hedge funds. We have discussed writing a book on hedge fund marketing, writing something relatively generic and ultimately how to write something that is unique and draws on my experience working in the hedge fund industry and speaking with over 1,500 funds a year through my sites.

Similar to how I have built up resources here on the blog I would like to "crowd source" this idea to you as a reader of my site. What type of book do you see a great need for? What book do you wish existed but can't find? What would you read or what type of hedge fund book do you think many others might want to read?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this topic through the comments box below. Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

How about a book that is 100% easy to understand and applicable to both business professionals and financial banking professionals who want to figure out what hedge funds are all about?

Anonymous said...

Something on hedge fund marketing? It is hard because some of these topics could be very high value to each reader but not have a huge readership across the country...how many hedge fund marketers are there?

Anonymous said...

I think its a good idea but you could widen your target buyers buy making it easy to understand. For instance use everyday examples to explain incredibly diffuclt aspects in basic hedge fund markets and try not to sound condisending. Finally making it both personal, factual and well organised are all very good aspects of a effective book.

Richard Wilson said...

Thank you for the feedback - all great ideas.

I'm also toying with the idea of hedge fund case studies. I could present hedge fund manager case studies which would be educational to investors, marketers who want war stories on how funds have been built, and also to corporations and real estate groups and how they could possibly raise capital from those hedge funds which offer alternative financing options.

Thank you for the ideas, the help is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I would buy a book on hedge fund case studies - haven't seen anything like that.

Couldn't you publish a collection pieces you have already published here on your blog in the past?

Andres said...

I would like a book that narrated the path to running your own hedge fund. A step by step explanation on how to build your resume, educate yourself, and do all the things necessary to start your own fund. I would want it to begin in college as I am a college student and then work forward in detail explaining what I should do. What major is most suitable, what type of internships should I look for, should I get become an RIA, CFA, or CMT. Everyone has their eye on a prize but few know how to get it. I want to know how.

Richard Wilson said...

Interesting. That is a great idea.

I have just started to build http://HedgeFundsCareer.com to collect hedge fund career management resources in one spot, perhaps I could post these case studies there and eventually offer it within a book format. Might also be highly valuable to some participants in the CHA Designation Program.

Thanks for the contribution.

Andrew Gray said...

A hedge fund book would be great. I'm sure anything you write Richard will be a great contribution to finance literature, but case studies would probably increase the marketability of the book.

Kyle Wettlaufer said...

A book explaining yours or someone elses journey in starting their own hedge fund from scratch. Detail the process they took, the obstacles they had to overcome, and whether or not they were successful in their pursuit.

It would be a great read for the thousands of people interested in starting their own fund.

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