HedgeFundBlogger.com Improvement


HedgeFundBlogger.com Improvement

If you have a minute I would like to collect additional feedback from visitors of HedgeFundBlogger.com to understand:
  1. Why you visit HedgeFundBlogger.com
  2. What do you wish was here or somewhere online which you can never find?
Please leave your answers below within the comment form. Thank you in advance for the feedback.


Anonymous said...

1. I come for the trend analysis articles

2. More news analysis - discussion that goes beyond the obvious

Anonymous said...

I would like some anonymous blog posts by hedge fund managers. No news analysis no book reviews, etc... I just would like straight no bs feedback on the markets and industry from hedge fund managers directly.

Anonymous said...

More daily news

Bryan said...

Your blog is excellent.

- I particularly like the links to hedge fund letters and reports. These are hard to come by if you are a private investor like me.

- Information on hedge fund holdings is always interesting as it helps in generating new investment ideas

Richard Wilson said...


Thank you for the compliment on the site.

I have a new hedge fund holdings analysis tool I've been meaning to use - I will try to get to it more often. Thank you for that valuable feedback.

In a recent survey I saw that roughly 30% of my site visitor were private or institutional investors so this is useful information to me.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ditto - I love the site, very unique.

Please just keep doing what you are doing - helps me pass my days here in the ol cubicle.

Bob Diamond said...

I can see the market move as it responds to the hedge funds. I want to learn more about what makes them tick, if that's possible.

Richard Wilson said...

I believe it is, to a degree. For example knowing that many hedge funds are mostly sitting 20-30% cash right now may help. At some point that cash is going to be put back to work, and when it does some securities will rally on that momentum.

The big question is when will that happen? One manager I met with today thinks Q2/Q3 2009 but everyone's guess is different.

Jens said...

Hi Richard, your side is excellent and I like it for its wide range of topics. Have you though of launching a discussion forum? You find a topic of interest (market related, hedge fund structural etc.) where hedge fund managers, investors, site visitors etc. could come togehter and exchange ideas, opinions. I have seen this on soem research databases (GacKal for example) which is an excellent and high quality forum for professional investors. I believe this is somewhat work intensive as you would probably need a discussion forum administrator to keep comments on topic.


Anonymous said...

First question, I come here to have a view on macrotrend in markets from an hedge fund perspective

Second question, I really would like to see it become a sort of FT blog like the Short View or something, with a focus on daily trades, deals and facts

Richard Wilson said...

Hello Jens - Yes, we have discussion forums available at http://HedgeFundMessageBoard.com. These forums get several thousand pageviews each week but are still growing in popularity. Much of the industry is cautious in regards to what they are open to discussing within a publicly available forum.

In the future I would like to grow the comments sections under each of the Hedge Fund Tracker Profiles to help encourage user submitted resources. Thanks for the ideas.


The FT is very popular - would be great to grow the site where this blog is mentioned within the same sentences as them. We are publishing 10 new resources each day now - but not all of these make the front page of the blog.

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