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Top Hedge Fund HoldingsAs of July 1st 2008, it appears that hedge funds poured money into the technology and service sectors. According to, the 20 most tracked hedge funds on the site had 27.9% of all holdings within those two sectors. The quarter-over-quarter results presented by showed holdings and changes in holdings as of July 1st 2008, as compared to the quarter earlier. These holdings are based on TickerSpy’s data, which shows the top 15 holdings of each hedge fund quarter-over-quarter.

Total equity holdings of the 20 most tracked hedge funds amassed to $91.4 billion dollars, up from the previous quarter by $9.76 billion or 12%. New positions in equities totaled $9.54 billion, while existing positions saw a net inflow of just $219 million (net inflow: all money flowing into existing positions less all money flowing out of existing positions).

Companies or indices that saw the largest net inflows were Yahoo! and Philip Morris, with the SPY (SPDR tracking index for the S&P 500) and Google seeing the largest net outflows. The top eight in each category were (in millions):

Of the over 200 top holdings of hedge funds, nearly $25.5 billion or 27.9% were in either the technology or services sector. Which stocks? Below is a chart detailing the top 25 holdings by dollar amount that were seen in the portfolios, as well as a pie chart showing the top twelve stocks that made up over one-third of total fund holdings.

However, some companies such as Icahn Enterprise are held by only one fund (Icahn Associates) and the large dollar amount slightly skews the accuracy of the holding data. So I also compiled the 14 most widely held securities, determined by the number of funds that held them, as well as the dollar amount of the holdings.

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Securities discussed above include: Icahn Enterprise (IEP), ABB Ltd (ABB), AK Steel Holding (AKS), Alpha Natural Resources (ANR), Apple Inc (AAPL), AT&T (T), Bank of America (BAC), Calpine Corporation (CPN), Cisco Systems (CSCO), Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF), Conoco Philips (COP), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Fairchild Semiconductor International (FCS), General Electric (GE), Google (GOOG), Hess Corp (HES), iShares Russell 2000 (IWM), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), MasterCard (MA), Microsoft (MSFT), Motorola (MOT), Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Peabody Energy (BTU), Pfizer (PFE), Potash (POT), Qualcomm (QCOM), Research in Motion (RIMM), SPDR Trust (SPY), Target Corporation (TGT), Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), Weatherford International (WFT), Yahoo! (YHOO)

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