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Thames River CapitalWhile this is spun in a neutral or even partially negative way it looks like a positive note to me. Closing at $1B or even less due to operation constraints or availability of investments is common.

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Thames River Capital’s Warrior Fund, a multi-strategy fund of hedge funds, has reached $1.1 billion and is now closed to new subscriptions. The Warrior Fund, which has exposure to directional and non-directional hedge funds such as the Paulson Credit Opportunities fund and the CQS Directional Opportunities fund, finished July down 2.82%, bringing its year-to-date loss to 2.07%.

The fund of funds is on pace to its worst year ever since inception in January 2003. It finished 2007 up 27.35%. “The short term remains choppy but we do believe this is one of the best times to selectively invest given the dislocations witnessed in the financial markets across almost all asset classes and geographical regions,” said Ken Kinsey Quick and Alex Kuiper, co-portfolio managers. Read more...

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