Prime Brokerage Boston - Meeting Notes

Prime Brokerage Boston

Prime Brokerage Boston - Meeting Notes

Prime Brokerage in Boston MAYesterday I had a lunch meeting with two prime brokerage professionals in downtown Boston and the conversation quickly turned to the high demand for cap intro services for hedge funds.

The main problem with capital introductions being made by prime brokerage firms is that many hedge funds are not competitive enough to market. Many managers with negative or sub-par performance would still like to grow their business but the fact is most investors won't consider hedge fund managers who are both relatively small and have mediocre or poor performance, there is nothing engaging enough that will convince investors to look past those two facts, they hear hundreds of stories and see as many teams pitching their outlook on the markets each year.

This leaves prime brokerage firms with two choices - offer capital introduction services knowing that there is almost no chance of raising assets or tell the hedge fund manager that they will not be able to market their strategy. The best prime brokers will often help with pre-marketing activities such as operational and risk assessments, marketing material scrubbing, newsletter development, etc.

This may seem straightforward but it is often an unsaid thorn in the side of prime brokerage firms offering capital introductions for hedge fund managers. They want to provide this service to everyone possible but by nature only 10-25% of all clients really qualify for the service.

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