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I usually complete 1-2 press inquiries each week, but due to market volatility this week I have had over 8 of them. Here's an excerpt and link to one article which I contributed to for the Boston Globe:

As Congress and the White House hash out details of how to fix the nation's financial system, the outcome could have huge but vastly different consequences for Boston's banks, mutual funds, insurers, hedge funds, and other financial companies.

"I don't think the impact of this can be overblown," said Richard C. Wilson, a Boston hedge fund consultant. "Everything is being reformed; everything is going to change."

Trade groups are lobbying Capitol Hill to ensure companies benefit from the various steps the government is taking - and to limit new regulation of their operations. Questions range from whether hedge funds should be included in the government's $700 billion purchase of troubled assets to how community banks can recover losses in the troubled mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Some issues pit Boston companies against one another. Banks are pushing to limit how much insurance the federal government will provide to cover losses in money market mutual funds, which last week experienced a run as losses at a few funds sparked billions of dollars of withdrawals industrywide. Read more...

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