Brotman Capital Management Hedge Fund

Brotman Capital Managment

Brotman Capital Management Hedge Fund

Brotman Capital Management Hedge FundWhile this story below notes that Brotman Capital Management was launched during the hedge fund industry's worst performance in over 10 years, it may be a great time to start a fund. Investors often place more weight on producing moderately positive returns during volatile market periods than they might on over performance through bullish market periods. If you can come out of the gates with a year or two of decent performance during a time while most funds fell on the sword that can be an advantage.

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Randy Brotman, a Schonfeld Securities Trading Group alumnus, has founded Brotman Capital Management and launched an eponymous market-timing hedge fund during the worst year for hedge funds in over a decade.

The fund, Boca Raton, Florida based Brotman Capital Partners, began trading in January and employs a trend-timing model that dictates when it should be long, short or stay in cash. Read more...

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