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Stock Market Timing

Stock Market Timing

Stock Market Timing Interview - Steinhardt

Stock Market Timing, Timing the stock market, stock market timing system, timing of the stock marketHere is a short 10 minute interview with Michael Steinhardt from Wisdom Tree Investments. Within this interview he talks about how the stock market from a technical point of view looks poised for a rally yet at the same time shows many signs of a bear market. He believes that stock market timing or predicting commodities prices is always next to impossible and that for the next year or two the write offs in the banking sector will continue. He would like to see the fed raise the rates and he believes that this time things are really going to be different this time. If he is right that could mean a prolonged period of low or even negative hedge fund industry returns. I'll be publishing a hedge fund performance article next week with an update on how different sectors are performing.

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- Richard

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