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Small Hedge Funds

Interview on Small Hedge Funds

Small Hedge Funds, New Hedge FundsI recently completed two interviews. One with the Financial Times and another short interview for an article being written on small hedge funds with less than $100M in assets under management.

Here is a short excerpt of this second article and link to the full article:

The storm over Wall Street has abated somewhat, but the tide of bad news is receding slowly, complicating life for hedge fund managers and the rest of the financial industry. “The credit crunch continues,” said Ed Grebeck, CEO of Tempus Advisors in Stamford, Conn.

While large institutions have endured round after round of pain, scores of small, relatively unknown hedge funds, or largely unregulated pools of investments, have quietly worked through the turmoil. These smaller funds continue to score better returns than their bigger, more-seasoned peers, which control the majority of hedge fund assets.

The average return of small funds was 11.74 percent through last December, according to a hedge fund index compiled by New York-based PerTrac Financial Solutions. Medium- and large-sized funds returned 10.27 percent and 10.22 percent respectively.

“Smaller funds have historically been more profitable than big hedge funds,” said PerTrac Managing Director Meredith Jones from Nashville. The study defined small funds as those with less than $100 million in managed assets. Medium-sized funds were defined as those with $100 million to $500 million in managed assets, with anything over the $500 million mark considered large.

“There are thousands of hedge fund managers out there managing between $10 million and $100 million,” said hedge fund consultant Richard Wilson in an email. “Lots of hard work entrepreneurs who are rarely mentioned.

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- Richard

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