Hedge Funds and Web 2.0

Hedge Funds 2.0

Social Media and Web 2.0 trends are affecting all industries, including hedge funds...

Web 2.0 is the term coined to describe websites that contain user interaction or user content contribution abilities. These websites include blogs or weblogs, forums, online communities and interactive "wiki-like" pages. The hedge fund industry is starting to embrace these changes at a rapid pace. Sites like the Albourne Village, Linkedin.com, Hedgeco and investment blogs such as this hedge fund blog are seeing rapid increases in traffic.

If they are not familiar with them already forget all of the technical terms used above, the important reason to get why these websites are successful are the relationships fostered through them. Being able to participate within a community online create more of a sense of ownership and trust than one gets from viewing a stale corporate advertisement-like website. This trend is just now getting off of the ground and becoming mainsteam within relatively sophisticated areas of business such as alternative investments.

Thanks to Blogburst here are some interesting stats on blogs:

+ Over 57 million Americans read blogs

+ 89% of companies surveyed say they think blogs will be more important in the next five years

+ 22 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are blogs

If you are looking for more online community-like experienes you might want to visit my Hedge Fund Message Board, join the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), visit Hedge Funds Career.com or register with Hedgeco. HedgeCo offers community profiles, hedge fund manager blogs and social bookmarking features. HedgeCo is light years ahead of others in creating a more interactive business online, they are a model of what is to come and others will be emulating them as they become even more popular with investors and consultants.

Over the next quarter I am launching two new hedge fund social media websites. If you would like to inter-connect our projects please shoot me an email. Also, If you are looking to start your own investment or hedge fund blog and need some help let me know and I will help you start off on the right foot.

- Richard

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