CFA Level 1

CFA Level 1

CFA Level 1 Preparation

CFA Level 1 PreparationAnyone else getting ready to study for the CFA Level 1 exam? I probably won't begin until early 2009 but I'd like to have a few people to study with or bounce ideas off of if you would if you are interested in sharing resources, etc.

Have you already taken the CFA Level 1 or done a lot of studying for it? I would love to get your top 5 tips for taking it to publish within this blog. Thanks for the help.

- Richard

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard
I am taking Level 1 in 2008 and would be interested in keeping in touch to bounce off ideas and exchange thoughts.
I am a fund analyst, working for Morningstar UK
Ash Kumar

Richard Wilson said...

Great, lets keep in touch. If you are going to work for a hedge fund after you get your CFA Level 1 completed you might want to consider joining the hedge funds group I started on You can join by clicking on the link at the top of the right hand column of my blog and we can keep in touch through that group. Thanks for the comment.

- Richard

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