Mark McGoldrick

Mark McGoldrick

Mark McGoldrick "Gold Finger' Notes

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Mark McGoldrick, a former Goldman Sachs trader whose track record earned him the nickname 'Goldfinger' during his career with the Wall Street bank, is making a comeback with a new $5bn (£2.8bn) fund.

McGoldrick, who famously earned $70m a year ($200,000 a day), but resigned because it was not enough, has asked his old firm to raise money for a super hedge fund that will concentrate on special situations.

While at Goldman Sachs, McGoldrick was head of distressed and special situations investing in Asia. He co-founded and built the firm's secretive 'special-situations group', Goldman's elite and opaque money-making machine, which buys and sells eclectic assets including British power plants, Japanese golf courses and Thai auto loans. More...

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