Radio Business Plan

Radio Business Plan

Radio Station Business Plan Approach

I have heard some great success stories from those who have learned to use radio and television advertising to gain the respects of some very large clients.

Last week I was invited to do a radio show for a small station in Florida. This station has about 17,000 listeners and they need someone to record a weekly financial report for the average investor. Luckily I will get some air time and be able to refer people to my website for free in exchange for developing this content but I am still moving up the learning curve on what I should talk about and how I can really quickly engage the audience. So far I have learned that each radio spot has to be
  • Unique
  • Instantly Engaging
  • Highest Quality Possible
  • Clear
  • Authoritative
These all seem like obvious attributes to have in a radio show but when you actually try to write a concise script that fits all of those aspects it becomes challenging.

I don't want to report numbers (too boring), and I can't give financial advice really. I might focus on investor education. Teach people what a hedge fund is, what major trends are growing in the industry, and what major movements impact the market.

- Richard

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