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Resource #1: (11.12.08) Brummer & Partners, Sweden's largest hedge-fund manager, is venturing into Bangladesh and plans to start its first Asia-focused portfolio as it expects the region to ride out the global financial crisis.

``I never believed in decoupling; Asia will be affected by the global turmoil,'' Patrik Brummer, 59, the firm's founder, said in a telephone interview from Stockholm. ``But when the dust settles at some stage, Asia will outperform the rest of the world in growing faster.''

Brummer & Partners, which manages about $6 billion, set up the Frontier Fund in July to invest in Bangladesh stocks and private-equity investments. It plans to grow the fund to about $500 million in the next five years, from $53 million, said Khalid Quadir, chief executive officer of the firm's unit in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

Bangladesh may join the ranks of the fastest-growing economies in the region as it benefits from its geographical proximity to India and China. The nation of 150 million people, equivalent to about half of the population of the U.S., offers a ``huge untapped cheap labor force,'' Quadir, 43, said. The labor cost in the South Asian nation is almost half of India's and less than a third of China's. Source

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