Pure Capital LP | Hedge Fund Tracker Notes

Pure Capital LP

Pure Capital LP | Hedge Fund Tracker Notes

The following piece on Pure Capital LP is being published as part of our Hedge Fund Tracker Tool, our daily effort to track hedge funds in the industry.

Resource #1: (11.16.08) Pure Capital Limited, a quantitatively-driven hedge fund specializing in “targeted non-correlation” saw strong performance from their “Pure Bespoke” customized portfolio solutions in October – with client account performance ranging from +4% to +10% for the month.

Pure Capital’s year-to-date average performance across all products was +26% at month-end October 2008. Medium term correlation coefficients ranged from -0.15 to -0.80.

"We have a range of quantitative techniques through which we both deconstruct and analyze portfolio performance." Anthony Limbrick, Pure Capital’s Chief Investment Officer said, "Once portfolio performance drivers have been specified, customized portfolio solutions are built using a series of proprietary building blocks, each of which is designed to address specific types of pay-offs". Source

Resource #2: In this time of extreme market moves and poor investment performance, specialist investment manager, Pure Capital, a “targeted non-correlation manager” has been performing nicely, according to sources.

“The bespoke portfolio solutions we have developed for our customers over the last 24 months have been bearing fruit” says founder and Chief Investment Officer Anthony Limbrick. Pure Capital targets European, Asian and Australasian fund of funds and institutional investors, giving clients full position level transparency and daily reporting.

Pure Capital is a quantitatively-driven investment management firm providing low or negatively correlated return profiles for discrete geographical or asset-class benchmarks. However the negative correlation is not at the expense of positive returns through the economic cyble, according to the investment manager.

Pure Capital has a research and advisory subsidiary, Pure Carbon Limited. The research team for the Pure Carbon Trading model comprises Anthony Limbrick (Chief Investment Officer), Daniel Butler, emissions trading expertise, Dr Siva Naguleswaran (Head of Research) and Hamish Limbrick, software developer.

Pure Capital is looking for strategic partners with which to launch their Pure Carbon strategy as both an alternative investment product, and an emission credit risk management solution. Read more...

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