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Resource #1: (11.3.08) Following in the footsteps of other large hedge funds trying to weather the credit crunch, Blue Mountain Capital Management has suspended withdraws on its $3.1 billion fund.

The Blue Mountain Credit Alternatives Fund lost a little over 2 percent in October, while posting admirable returns the rest of the year. The firm decided to halt redemptions hoping they won’t have to sell assets in the current falling credit markets.

“We are not comfortable with this state of affairs,” Feldstein wrote in a letter to investors obtained by Bloomberg News. “If we were to unwind or sell positions to meet current redemptions, the severe liquidation costs would be borne inequitably by the remaining investors.”

The move comes as a shock to some, since the Credit Alternatives Fund has posted an average return of over 45 percent since its inception in 2003. The firm’s other funds aren’t faring too bad either, with its $1.1 billion equity alternatives fund losing only 0.9 percent and its $400 million BlueCorr Fund boasting returns of 21.3 percent, according to the letter. Hedge funds as a whole have had their worst year ever, losing 20 percent according to the Chicago-based HFRX Global Index. Source

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