3 Billionaire Insights from 25 Interviews Completed

3 Billionaire Insights

From 25 Exclusive Billionaire Interviews

Now that we have collected 75 strategies from 25 billionaires for 
Billionaires.com here are a few notes from the series:

1) You get exponential results when you only work on highly profitable business models, great partners, great employees, and personally focus on your super abilities. When you don't have just 1-2 of these but you stack all of them on top of each other your potential for explosive growth in the right niche goes up greatly.

2) Develop an octopus strategic business model where various business units inform, serve, provide leads, and make other assets you own more profitable.

3) Acquire strategic choke point assets that give you a sustained edge and lower cost of distribution or capital or customer flow over everyone else, the best of these choke points can't be owned by someone else once you acquire them.

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