Dalio's Large Philanthropic Foundation

Ray Dalio is Building a Large Philanthropic Foundation

Ray Dalio, an American hedge fund manager and founder of the investment firm Bridgewater Associates, is building a large philanthropic foundation.
According to the most recent public tax filing made by the Dalio Foundation, Dalio contributed $400 million to his foundation in 2013, pushing its total assets to $842 million. The foundation ended 2012 with $590 million in assets.
With an estimated net worth of $15.4 billion, Dalio is the second-wealthiest hedge fund manager. George Soros is the only hedge fund manager with a higher net worth.
In 2011, Dalio signed the Giving Pledge, a campaign led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to get the world’s richest people to give a majority of their wealth to philanthropy. “We were lucky enough to have experienced the whole range of financial circumstances, from not having any money to having a lot. Fortunately that happened in the best order,” Dalio and his wife, Barbara, wrote in their Giving Pledge letter.
Source: Forbes

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