The Objectives of Capitalism

What are the Effects of the Capitalism by Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio

The article below is an overview on Ray Dalio, an American businessman and founder of the hedge fund firm Bridgewater Associates, talking about how capitalism acts.
Ray Dalio is distinguished not only for founding Bridgewater Associates — the world's biggest hedge fund — or by his estimated net worth of $15 billion, but by his unique business philosophy and his tendency to explain it at length.
Every Bridgewater employee, for example, is given an exhaustive 120-page manual on Dalio's world view.
In late 2013, he produced and narrated an animated video that explains "How the Economic Machine Works" that simplifies the economy as the interaction of short- and long-term debt cycles over a productivity growth line. It's since gotten over 1 million views.
It's an engaging, animated explainer that covers the basics: the relationship between cash and credit, the government and the central bank, and inflation and deflation within 30 minutes. It's a great primer for anyone who could afford to be more financially savvy.
Source: Business Insider

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