George Soros Bill Gross

George Soros Injects Half Billion Dollars in Bill Gross

Bill Gross, a former Pimco chief who recently set up shop at Janus Capital, just received the amount of half billion dollars to manage from a hedge fund titan George Soros.
Soros Fund Management LLC, which Soros chairs, has invested $500 million in an account run by Gross at Janus Capital Group Inc, the Denver-based firm said on its website on Thursday.
The money will be managed through a private investment vehicle named Quantum Partners LP and invested in a separate account, Janus said. The portfolio will follow the strategy that Gross is employing in his Janus Global Unconstrained Bond fund, which has $443 million in assets under management.
Soros Fund Management approached Gross after he resigned from Pimco in late September, a person familiar with the situation said.
Source: Reuters

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