Hedge Funds Cyber Security Website

Introducing Cyber Security Website for Hedge Funds

A new website dedicated to Cyber Security for hedge funds has been launched by ACE IT Solutions, a professional, leading and exclusive Web Design & Development Company.
The new website was created to help alternative investment firms at all asset levels successfully address today's cyber security challenges, and features the latest educational materials including white papers, blogs, relevant news, and information about cyber security solutions and services.
Cyber Security is of paramount importance to the global financial industry. Hedge funds in particular continue to be a prime target for malicious hacking and other cyber threats due to the potential large payoffs for hackers, a fact demonstrated by numerous media reports and research data. The 2014 IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index indicates that the financial industry accounts for 23.8% of all cyber attacks, the highest of any industry. We continue to see frequent media coverage about high-profile firms being hacked, including reports impacting JP Morgan and many other unnamed financial institutions.
Source: Bobsguide

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