BlackRock's Hedge Fund Boutique

BlackRock is Launching Hedge Fund Boutique

The world's biggest money manager headquartered in New York City BlackRock Inc., is launching a hedge fund boutique within its vast investment management empire.
It is Carl Eifler's mission to push BlackRock from being almost an accidental hedge fund manager — albeit a really big one — with an eclectic array of funds to a powerhouse that spans the full spectrum of hedge fund strategies.
Mr. Eifler, managing director, said he has been working to “offer a small-firm atmosphere wherever the hedge fund (portfolio manager) is located within BlackRock.” He was named head of the hedge fund direct strategies group within the BlackRock alternative investments unit in March 2013.
“We are literally trying to reproduce a hedge fund boutique” without having to “rely on a prime broker to set up (the) infrastructure,” Mr. Eifler said.
Source: Pensions & Investments

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