Palladian Partners VIII

Memphis Fund of Hedge Fund to Raise for Its New Fund

Following to SEC filings, Gerber Taylor Management, a Memphis-based fund of hedge funds investment manager, has raised the amount of $19 million for its eight fund (Palladian Partners VIII).
The fund has a $250 million target.
Gerber Taylor Management has approximately $4.9 billion in assets under management in addition to this fund.
The firm invests across all alternative asset classes through its fund of fund vehicles. The fund of hedge fund vehicle will look at strategies such as convertible bond arbitrage, merger arbitrage, distressed securities, global long/short, and private equity/real estate.
Previous Palladian Partners funds were slightly smaller in size, hovering around $200 million.
The fundraise is notable as fund of funds reemerge after a longstanding narrative that the vehicles were too expensive. The data bears this out, HFR data for the month of July shows that fund of funds saw their first inflows in three years, with total invested capital exceeding $670 billion.
Source: Opalesque

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