Women-Managed Hedge Funds

Women-Managed Hedge Funds Posting Returns through the Financial Crisis

Women-owned and women-managed hedge funds posted annualized returns through the financial crisis and recovery of +6.0 percent, according to recent Rothstein Kass study released.
Kyria firm composed solely of women managers, and managing partner Kristina Koutrakos says that she’s designed the fund to showcase the strength of female managers.
Research shows that while women don’t have a biological predisposition to financial outperformance, they do tend to have a common set of biases that make them manage money differently from men. These choices, over the long haul, typically outperform.
However, the overwhelming amount of investor assets make it to the top five percent of hedge funds, and those hedge funds are dominated by male money managers. The reasons for this range from bigger funds, simply attracting more assets because they are already the biggest, to an outright open bias against allocating to women who are perceived as weak or more emotional.
Source: Opalesque

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