Jeff Feig Joins Fortress

Jeff Feig Exits Citigroup to Join Fortress

Jeff Feig is leaving the third-biggest bank by assets in the U.S. Citigroup Inc. to join Fortress Investment Group LLC, a leading, highly diversified global hedge fund management firm.
Based in New York, Feig had been at the company for 25 years, and he is the latest in a long line of departures among the senior ranks of currency trading banks.
His remit was expanded only last summer, when he was tasked with co-ordinating Citi's electronic trading efforts across asset classes.
Feig's former boss, Anil Prasad, who was global head of FX and local markets at Citi for seven years, also left this year, following 25 years in total at the bank. Nadir Mahmud, previously regional markets head for Asia-Pacific, was appointed in his place, relocating from Singapore to London.
Speaking about the exits of both Prasad and Feig, a spokesperson at Citi said: "Given their tenures in their roles, these departures were well-anticipated, and part of the natural cycle of the business. We have a strong, talented bench that continues to support this core business."
Source: FX Week

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