Hedge Fund Urges Nintendo

Hedge Fund Urges Nintendo to Develop and Sell Games for Mobile Platforms

Nintendo Co Ltd has been urged by one of Asia's best-known hedge fund managers Seth Fischer, to develop and sell games for mobile platforms run by Apple Inc. and Google Inc.
The letter is the second that Hong Kong-based Oasis Management Co Ltd has sent to Nintendo, in which it owns shares, adding pressure on the Japanese company to branch out from its underperforming consoles.
Oasis is pushing Nintendo to capitalise on the spread of smartphones and tablets by releasing games that can be played on any mobile device.
"Nintendo needs to embrace this thematic change in consumer demand, behaviour and expectations to stay relevant," said Fischer, Oasis' chief investment officer, in a letter obtained by Reuters.
Fischer, who once managed $3.3 billion for DKR Soundshore Oasis Fund, opened his own hedge fund in 2011.
Source: Reuters

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