Lansdowne Partners Backs Twitter

London Hedge Fund Lansdowne Partners Backs Twitter

Lansdowne Partners, a London-based world's leading hedge fund, has bought a stake in Twitter, the hedge fund company is telling investors that it sees “immense” opportunity in the stock.
The hedge fund group, which was one of the most successful investors in the world last year, told clients it had bought a “modest position” in Twitter after the company’s initial public offering November.
The investment flies in the face of warning from analysts and experts who have argued that Twitter has been over-hyped. Lansdowne told investors that it saw value in the stock and “discussions with potential advertisers give us decent comfort that more of it will materialize than the market expects.”
Analysts have issued sell and hold notes on Twitter in recent weeks arguing that the company’s fundamentals do not justify the soaring shareprice. Twitter is due to post its first quarterly report on February 5.
Source: The Telegraph

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