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Doug Gordon, Jon Hilsabeck and Don Jabro Raise $425M for Their New Hedge Fund

Doug Gordon, Jon Hilsabeck and Don Jabro, Vinik Asset Management veterans, have raised nearly $425 million for their new hedge fund, including an investment from Jeffrey Vinik himself, according to sources.
Boston, MA-based Shellback Capital launched onshore and offshore versions of the fund on January 1. Regulatory filings show the firm raised $157 million for the onshore fund and $135 million for the Caymans-based offshore fund of the master-feeder structure, but those figures, said the source, do not reflect all monies raised.
The strategy is “plain vanilla” long/short U.S. equities, said the source, based on “fundamental research.”
Shellback employs a staff of 10—nine of whom came from Vinik.
Hilsabeck, who ran a long/short equity fund at Vinik, serves as portfolio manager and sector specialist while both Gordon (who also ran a long/short equity strategy for Vinik) and Jabro (who ran a stocks fund) are sector specialists. Bradford E. Ali, also a Vinik alumnus, is Shellback's chief operating officer and general counsel.
Source: FINalternatives

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