Euro World's Best-Performing

Euro World's Best-Performing Currency in 2013

While the dollar was set for its biggest annual gain against the yen since 1979, Euro was to be the world's best-performing major currency in 2013.
The single currency has gained 26 percent against the yen this year. It dipped 0.2 percent to 144.78 yen on Tuesday, having set a five-year high of 145.67 yen on Friday.
Against the dollar the euro has gained more than 4 percent this year, baffling many hedge funds who had expected a weak euro zone economy and a reduction in Federal Reserve bond-buying to strengthen the greenback this year.
The euro was 0.2 percent down at $1.3770, as the gap between U.S. two-year government bond yields and German yields widened, increasing the relative attractiveness of the dollar.
Source: Reuters

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