Hedge Fund Problems

Hedge Fund Problems

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The following video was recorded for the Certified Hedge Fund Professional training program.  In this video, we examine some factors that might be holding your hedge fund back from its potential success.  If you are reading this via RSS or email, click here to watch the video.  

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Transcript for Hedge Fund Problems:

Hello, this is Richard Wilson and today we’re going to talk about something you can do to break past maybe a bottleneck that’s holding your hedge fund back. Basically, a while ago I wrote an article, the title was Forget about Contacting New Investors. And the reason I wrote that is that lots of people come to us looking to purchase investor databases or getting new strategies in capital raising and often times they already know the answer to what they need to do but they haven’t asked themselves any questions to figure out what that answer is. And it may seem illogical to forget about contacting new investors but if that’s not the bottleneck holding you back, if investors is not the thing slowing you down, you may want to figure out what the thing is that’s slowing you down and remove that roadblocks so then you can move forward faster and be more efficient with everything else that you’re doing.

For example, I use one system called the four why process and basically what you want to do is ask yourself questions related to your problem for a very specific continual questions until you find the answer. And usually one question is not enough, usually you have to ask it 3, 4, 5 times. But it’s called the four why tool. The first question could be, “Why don’t we manage a $100M in assets?” And the potential answer could be, “We’re not raising capital from wealth management firms like we had planned to.” And a next question might be why, “Why haven’t we done that?” The potential answer could be “That are marketing materials have not been brought up to par with competitors and they’re too light. And our investment process is poorly described.”

So you might ask yourself again, “Why is that?” And the answer could be, “We know that we should be paying a consultant or an in-house marketer to help with both marketing materials and generating relationships but we have not hired one.” “Why is that?” And the final answer could be something about “We do not have the profits available to hire a full-time marketer but we should get around and create a new system to share equity, grow relationships with third-party marketers or build a marketing related advisory board.”

So after 4 questions you get down to some pretty granular answers that point to possible solutions like a marketing related advisory board, growing relationships with a third-party marketer. You know sharing equity, to hire someone in-house and start training them. So that kind of breaks it down and what happens is you could get that answer from why don’t we manage $100M in assets but it’s not a direct link to when you break it down the more times you ask why, why, why, why? Then the answer presents itself as stated within the question that the answer becomes included within your question.

So that’s one tool that businesses have used to grow their business in every industry and you could have 20 factors which determine the growth of your hedge fund and just one of those 20 not performing well or not being as high quality as it should be can hold back your whole fund despite the performance of the other 19. So sometimes these types of questions can help zero in on that one thing that’s holding you back which you might not be able to see because you’re so close to the problem on a day to day basis. And that this is something that I think clients could use more often and I’ve used it within my own business and that it really does help zero in on the things that are holding you back.

So I hope this tool helps. It’s called the four why tool. And thanks, we’ll see you again soon.

(Note: you must meet certain investing requirements to invest in hedge funds and this video should not be interpreted as financial advice.)

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