The Rapidly Growing Hedge Fund Industry in Singapore

The Growing Hedge Fund Industry in Singapore

I just returned from a trip to Singapore (pictured left) and Tokyo where I spoke at a hedge fund conference, recorded video content, and met with hedge fund managers, service providers, and a University professor to learn more about Asia in general and how the hedge fund industry is growing in Singapore and Tokyo.

I was surprised to learn that almost everyone I spoke with in Singapore and Tokyo believe that hedge funds are flooding into Singapore more quickly than anywhere else in Asia, including Hong Kong.  Consistently, everyone told me that Singapore has lower taxes, less regulations and red tape, and a higher standard of living for startups with moderate budgets.

Here is a short video I recorded on the waterfont in downtown Singapore discussing how fast the city is growing and providing few statistics as to how much wealth is really there.  I believe this is a place to watch for both capital raising and hedge fund industry growth:

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