What is the best major to complete in school to work in the hedge fund industry?

The Top 4 Best Hedge Fund Majors

1) Economics - Understanding how the economy works and what triggers economic events and valuation fluctuations is key to understanding hedge fund investment strategies.  Studying economics also provides the benefit of being able to possibly complete an MBA in the future in Finance or Marketing without repeating the same classes over again.

2) Finance: Similar to economics understanding finance well and being able to analyze the financial statements, annual reports, and stock market is key to the majority of hedge fund investment strategies.  If you are looking to be an analyst or portfolio manager than understanding both finance and economics is important.

3) Marketing: There is a huge need for more hard working, educated, and productive capital raisers in the hedge fund industry. I have never met anyone skilled at marketing in the hedge fund industry without far more opportunities than they could ever commit to. Those with just a few years of industry experience and a marketing degree could work for a hedge fund startup, third party marketing firm, or capital introduction team at a prime brokerage shop.

4) Programming: Financial models at both small and large hedge funds are built based on relatively simple programming languages or macros and being able to edit these or build them from scratch is valuable skill to have.  If you combine real industry experience and some hedge fund industry training this degree could help position yourself as an asset to many managers.

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