Hedge Fund Data Sources

Hedge Fund Data Sources

 Below are hedge fund industry data sources:

1)  SkyRank

SkyRank is a U.S. patented hedge fund rating methodology.

Through our proprietary hedge fund database and external database providers, we currently provide ratings and data on over 11,000 hedge funds, funds of funds, and commodity trading advisors worldwide. Now used by thousands of hedge fund professionals, SkyRank is the standard hedge fund rating methodology in the industry.

The highest SkyRanked funds consistently are able to reduce market risk, while delivering positive returns. The hedge fund managers are experienced, and investors have a high confidence level in their funds.

The Top SkyRanked funds have proven over time to understand their specific market inefficiencies. The fund managers know how to exploit those inefficiencies, delivering returns with risk often lower than the fixed income markets, with little correlation to traditional markets.

Please visit www.skyranksystem.com/DataProducts.html to learn more about SkyRank and to find a data and ratings solution right for you.


2) Family Offices.com

The Family Offices Group is a 11,000 person strong family office networking association.  We offer a free annual report on family offices, a networking group, and a database of family office contact details as well. To explore our website please follow these links:
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