Hedge Fund Launch Quotes

Hedge Fund Launch Quotes

hedge fund launch
Reuters recently came out with an article on hedge fund launches this year compared to last.  Here are some quotes from this interesting article:

"It's a promising environment for new hedge funds," said Alex Ehrlich, the former UBS prime brokerage chief who took over as global head of Morgan Stanley's (MS.N) prime services business last month. "Money is coming in from seasoned investors, many of whom are preparing to redeploy capital."

"The number of start-up proposals that come by our desk each week is consistent with what we saw in earlier times, but the amount of capital they're starting with is much smaller," Goldman Sachs Group (GS.N) global co-head of global securities services John Willian said. "Very few funds will have over $1 billion at their launch."

"On average, we're seeing clients raise roughly half of what they achieved historically,"

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